intermedia mixed media drawing and collage


Detaxis interactive sculpture 30″ dia x 65″ high (variable) Detaxis illustrates a struggle with social anxiety by responding to viewer presence. When someone approaches, it retracts into its withdrawn state. After it is alone again it comes back out of its shell. Programming by Dave Sims at The UltraMind, Inc. [...]


Emergence cotton thread and chromogenic print on bristol


Imprint Through my work I often seek to map unseen spaces and hidden connections, so after learning of the Quantified Self, a movement that incorporates technology to collect data on aspects of daily life, I became intrigued to find what I might discover from self tracking. The vast quantities of information about us collected by [...]

Resonance: Evidence of Systems

Resonance: Evidence of Systems I like to look for places where things visually resonate with each other. In my mind I visualize existence as a vast interconnected web, an uncountable number of threads connecting in an uncountable number of ways. No one can see every facet and wrap their mind around every aspect; the vast [...]

Mental Landscapes

Mental Landscapes The internal spiritual or psychological journey is one of humanity's oldest stories, in which an external, physical journey represents the protagonist's progress. Whether or not we ever undertake any physical travels, at some point in our lives each of us must overcome our own internal obstacles in order to reach our goals and [...]

Uncharted Territory: Anatomy of a Natural Disaster

Uncharted Territory: Anatomy of a Natural Disaster One in four adults will suffer from depression or other psychological disorders in their lifetime, yet these illnesses remain among our most misunderstood health issues. In Uncharted Territory I draw a parallel between these events and the experience of a natural disaster, when the environment becomes inhospitable beyond [...]